Leadership: Be The Ball Danny

“Be the ball Danny” is a one of my favorite lines from the movie Caddie Shack.  That scene in the film is when Chevy Chase wows his caddie by sinking putt after putt while wearing a blindfold.  It is an example of being able to accomplish a goal in adverse conditions.  This level of achievement requires confidence, talent and the use of all of your senses.

As a leader; confidence, talent and the use of my senses have helped me through many adverse conditions.  It is important not only to have confidence in your own ability but also the ability of the team.  The level of confidence a leader has in the team is demonstrated by actions.  Actions speak louder than words.  Having hired people with the knowledge and skills to excel at the tasks required it is important to have confidence that your team will shine in adverse conditions.  Belief in the team during crucial periods unifies the organization and brings value to the contributions of the team members.      

Leadership through adverse conditions is a great test of talent.  The ability to communicate, delegate, and follow up will be tested when times are tough.  The time that has been invested in building relationships with employees, vendors and even your competitors can help get through rough times.  The ability to inspire the team is developed by consistently demonstrating values that reinforce the culture of the organization and a genuine concern for the success of all of your team members. 

Leadership senses include vision, the ability to listen, communication, and the ability to stay in touch.  Vision will help look for the next opportunity for growth and the ability to glace back will help identify successes and identify areas for improvement.  Listening and communicating effectively reinforce the connections required to stay in touch with your customers and team members.  I value the successes that we have achieved during times of adversity.  Transforming challenges into winning opportunities have boosted the level of confidence in both myself and my team members.


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