Positive Discipline Approach

It is important to be consistent in how you treat all of your employees. The behavior that is not acceptable for one should not be acceptable for any one. For example making excuses and allowing one employee to be continually late makes it seem unfair if you need to document that behavior in someone else.

As a manager processing an employee’s termination paper work is a necessary evil. Having managed in a couple of industries that are typically high turnover, there are a couple of things I learned along the way.

I always take the time required during disciplinary action to truly listen to the person being written up. Was there something about the company’s actions that were contributing to the employee’s ability not to comply? Were policies clear and consistent? Is there something the company can do going forward to aid in insuring future compliance such as scheduling changes or coaching?

Proper documentation, listening, and coaching can help change a typically uncomfortable situation into a more positive experience. By correctly handling the tasks required for disciplinary documentation you can actually strengthen the group. It gives the manager an opportunity to display that they are not just here to catch you doing it wrong. I do not hire employees with the hope that they fail. People after the first and second write ups are still team members and deserve the support of management. By the third written notice and termination the responsibility rests firmly on the employee’s shoulders and is solely the result of their actions.


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