Leadership and Team Pride

Team pride was a key component to the success of my company.  The core principles of the organization inspired the participation of all the team members in the value, consistency, and quality that became associated with our brand.

Let’s take a look at some of the flagships in their industries Nordstrom’s, Mercedes Benz, and Coach Bags.  They are not successful because they are the cheapest.  People recognize their reputation for consistent quality.  That recognition promotes a level pride in their employees, customers, and vendors and a desire to be associated with that brand.  It also establishes a level of excellence that their competitors strive to achieve.

As an employee it is best to work for an organization that you are proud to be a part of.  When asked where you work it is awesome to be able to respond with pride.  That pride draws quality people toward your organization and inspires current employees to want to stay.

The holiday season is upon us and the malls are filled with shoppers.  The retailer’s names on the shopping bags they carry trigger opinions we have about those vendor’s brands.  Customers find satisfaction in being associated with winning brands.  That principle is clearly illustrated by the sale of high end handbags.  Association with a quality product sends a message about the owner.

My company was not successful because we were cheap.  I charged a fair price for the consistent quality, and value that we provided.  I encouraged my crew to not worry about being the fastest we wanted to be the best.  Our value was created by integrity and quality.  My crew was part of a company that they could be proud of.  That pride grew into loyalty among the members of my team and spread to my customers, vendors, and created a level of excellence that my competitors strived to attain.


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