Thanks to Those Leaders That Are Giving Back

Today is Thanksgiving Day.  I just want to take a moment to thank the leaders in my life that have given me so much.

I returned to college after 30 years in business.  During the time I have been back at school there have been many people who are successful leaders in their field that have taken their time to help with my education.

I am a member of the entrepreneurship club at the University of Nevada and there have been a number of busy executives that have shared their valuable time and input with the members of our club.  They donate their time to contribute as moderators, guest speakers, and mentors.

I have an internship with the Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization.  That group has been awesome.  They give me projects that are both educational and challenging.  Li Han Chan the vice president of operations at NIREC provides insights into the business world that are helping me further develop the skills I need to effectively assess the potential value of business opportunities.

The staff members at the university have shared their experience and help as well.  There are many examples where they have gone the extra mile.  My instructors are happy to take the time to answer questions that I may have, long after I have completed their class.  The staff of the library, research center, computer lab, and technology center has all gone out of their way to share the benefit of their expertise with me.

Thanks you to all the leaders, specialists and mentors that go above and beyond to give back to those in school.  Your contributions mean a great deal.   I hope that you all have a great Thanksgiving Day.


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