Leadership’s Role Outside the Workplace

    The role of leadership in the work place is expected.  There are also many benefits generated by going the extra mile through promoting group activities outside the work place.  Those opportunities can be group sporting events, picnics, and holiday parties.

Group sporting event such as company sponsored softball and bowling teams or group outings to professional events such as a baseball or football games are great ways to build winning teams.  Promoting a group trip to a pro sporting event is a lot of fun.  It provides an opportunity to have a tailgate BBQ and socialize with your co-workers.  Group tickets for baseball games can be purchased at a discount and possibly your organization will get recognized on the score board.

I have managed companies that sponsored employee softball and volleyball teams.  It is a win/win experience for the employees and the organization when they unite for team activities. A fun and health environment is created for the group to bond outside of work.

It is important to be responsible is alcohol is served at any function promoted by the work place.  The organization is responsible to make sure that all laws are followed to avoid being held liable.  It is a smart plan to have designated drivers if any alcohol is served.

Employee picnics offer fun for everyone.  Picnics create opportunities for family fun.  Not only the workers get a chance to interact but also the spouses and kids get to join in.  As the owner of a company, several times a year we had picnics at the local lake.  They were awesome.  We fired up the BBQ, fished, played horse shoes and went boating.  It became a great way to build moral.

Holiday parties can also provide the organization a chance to give back.  The last couple of holiday parties I hosted switched from evening events to weekend brunch.  The daytime events seemed to eliminate some of the embarrassing holiday party tales I had heard from past years.

The bottom line is to give back and show that you care.  In leadership actions speak louder than words.  When employees get together outside of work for happy and healthy activities everybody benefits.


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