Leadership Consistency

                           Last night I was watching a football game with a buddy. The conversation lead to a problem he was having with the management where he works. This issue was a source of frustration to him and his co-workers. So I felt the topic was worthy of a blog.
The issue was inconsistency by the leadership. The lack of consistency included shift to shift variations, and manager vs. manager challenges. Even hour to hour fluctuations of the shift supervisor’s attitude toward the workers were creating problems.
The leadership role can be stressful but the best leaders don’t let that pressure spill over to their team members. There are many different management styles. Your staff will be most productive when the leadership can channel their varied styles toward a common set of goals.
Personalities of people can vary greatly, but as a leader it is best to be as consistent as possible while interacting with your employees. Leaders that are stoic or happy go lucky can both be successful. If those leaders are consistent with their behavior the group will adjust. Leaders whose personalities swing from one end of the spectrum to the other during a relatively short period of time frustrate their employees. That creates a situation where the leader is much less effective.
Consistency regarding a manager vs. manager is important to the organization, the employees, and the creditability of the management team. The leadership provides the vision, culture, and expectations of the organization. That makes the communication and implementation of standards among the management team the job of leadership.
Leaders that coach the management team properly will achieve consistent results. Those consistent results are needed to achieve the culture, vision, and expectations successful leaders. The team members receive a consistent set of directions and the management team is perceived as unified. This makes life easier for the employees and promotes credibility among the leadership group.


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