Leadership Feedback

  When a leader detects a problem with one or more team members it becomes the leader’s job to inspire a solution.  The team members should be presented solutions to resolve the issue that are concrete, measurable, and meaningful.

Many leaders avoid the potentially uncomfortable situations created by giving feedback.  That allows problems to grow.  It also denies the team members the possibility to improve.  Effective leaders realize that part of the job is to challenge the growth of team members through mentoring their productivity and efficiency.

Feedback should not be an uncomfortable situation if done properly.  A leader that has been listening to the group and consistently gives feedback both positive and constructive will have an easier task.  Feedback either negative or positive should be specific, sincere a meaningful to the recipient.  Insure that the feedback is informative.  The leadership’s role is not to prove that they are superior or more knowledgeable it is to shine light on the solution.

Leaders that avoid giving feedback because they hope to dodge a potentially uncomfortable situation are not doing justice to their team or the organization.  Those leaders also are damaging their own reputation. The team may perceive that leader as spineless.  Lack of proper feedback can lead to a makeany feedback going forward is not only inconsistent but also uncomfortable.

The best leaders are not always nice but they should always be fair.  Team members will be more open minded to regular coaching and feedback with the occasional tough conversation thrown in.  Feedback should be based on recent observations and include specific coaching on how they can improve going forward.  The more current the feedback the easier it is to correct the issue.  It is important in today’s economic climate to not only provide validation when a job is well done but to also improve any performance issues as soon as possible


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