Leadership vs. Management

        Management involves handling the intricacies of the daily operations of a business.  Effective management establishes consistent policies designed to achieve the goals of the organization.  Managers are responsible for following through on those plans and producing the desired results.

Leadership has the responsibility of establishing the direction of the organization.  Leadership’s role includes having the vision required to navigate changes in the industry.  Effective leaders have the insight to anticipate those changes and keep their company several steps ahead of the competition.  That vision must be communicated to the entire team in a manner that inspires success.

Management has the responsibility of implementing the vision of leadership by supervising the operations of the organization.  These lines often become blurred because some leaders feel the need to manage.  Many managers inspire employee’s loyalty and performance because they are effective leaders.

The roles of leadership and management are vital to the success of the organization.  When the leadership of an organization has placed the proper people in management roles it is important that those managers are trusted to do their jobs.  That allows the leader the time require to do
their own job.  When the leader also takes on the management role the integrity and authority of the management team is diminished.

The leadership has the enormous task of anticipating the industry trend and exploring new opportunities to grow the company.  Today’s business environment is changes quickly and is impacted by global events more than ever.  The combination that works best is a leader focused on his role complimented by a management team that inspires the employees to generate the required results


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