Leadership Accessibility

It is important for a leader to remain accessible to his team.  That means being physically present as well as being receptive to conversations with the team members.  The manager that is seldom on site or stays locked up in their office reduces their connection with the group.  This disconnection can limit a leader’s effectiveness in many ways.

Limited interaction with the employees results in a greater dependence on others to evaluate the staff.  A reduction in direct interaction and
communication with team members lowers the accuracy assessing the company’s collective levels of knowledge, skills and abilities.  A leader that frequently interacts with his employees has a clearer picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the personnel.

It is important to not only be physically present but also accessible and open to dialogue.  Great leaders hire great people.  Accessibility allows access to valuable feedback from those on the front line.  That access can offer a number of benefits including cost saving ideas, increased
productivity and loyalty. The greater the number of levels in the communication process the less effective the message.  Direct interaction between leadership and the employees can create better conflict resolution and opportunities to possible avoid lawsuits.

Leaders that establish a relationship with their team can provide an example of the company’s culture and provide the inspiration that builds winning teams.  The actions of the leadership group will become positive re-enforcement the goals and standards of the organization.  Accessibility demonstrates these standards on a regular basis and soon will be adopted by the entire team.





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