Passion, Or Is That a Smoke Stack Sticking out of Your Ass?

If I hear one more person talk about their passion I’m going to puke.  Does a good comedian need to tell you they are funny?  I just cannot picture a Nobel Prize winner having to state how smart they are during their acceptance speech.

The same concept applies to passion.  If you are truly passionate about something it should be clear by your actions.  Those around you will know all about your passion without being told.

Dictionary defines: Passion

n.1: a strong feeling esp. of anger, love, or desire

2: object of affection or enthusiasm.

It’s interesting that the only word that applies to leadership is the last one listed in the definition: enthusiasm.  As a leader enthusiasm is important so is sincerity, credibility, and creativity.  A leader needs to consistently demonstrate enthusiasm by letting their actions do the talking. Establish a clear set of goals.  Get the rest of your team involved.  Celebrate the successes of your group.

A great leader makes success look smooth and almost effortless.  They are happy and health with a balance in life that inspires others.  When the
desired result are achieved and credibility is maintained then enthusiasm spreads among the entire team.  Employees like to work for those leaders and it promotes a greater level of pride in the organization.

A leader that has proved that he sincerely cares for his team will find his actions rewarded.  I would not under estimate the insight of your employees.  Employees spend a lot of time at work and they most likely do a good job of evaluating the enthusiasm, sincerity, and credibility of their boss.  The best policy for a leader is to walk the walk rather than blowing a bunch of smoke.


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