Fly With the Geese

While walking through campus today I watched as a gaggle of geese flew overhead.  I observed how their formation served the group’s success.  The same principle  works in business management.  When a group of managers in an organization have a common goal and support each other in reaching the same destination it becomes an easier journey.

I have supervised quite a few managers and every once in a while one comes along that hopes by breaking the others down their position will be elevated.  Experience has taught me otherwise.  The trash talker always leaves people wondering  what he says about them when they are not around.  That atmosphere promotes a lower level of trust and definitely is not conducive to  healthy team  growth.

It is my job to coach behavior that is better than that.  The approach that I have seen work best is similar to the group support the geese take advantage of.  When a team is happy and healthy opportunities for growth come more frequently.   A group with dissention and a lack of trust is not going to be considered first for promotions.

By sticking together and celebrating the achievements of our team members it becomes clear that the promotion of someone in the group will be aided by another player stepping up to fill those shoes.  A strong and healthy team can quickly adjust to the promotion a or transfer of a key manager.

This creates an environment that forsters growth.  That attracts a stream of new talent eager to follow in that same path.  The management ranks begin to fill with former associates.  This developes into an excellent network among the management system.  It is a great feeling to attend a conference or corporate meeting with a number of the attendees having been promoted from your team.


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