Why You Don’t Want to Manage Like a Carny

The work place should not be treated like a fun zone.  Do you really want to be the one that taunts the participants as they struggle to pitch a dime on to the slippery plate?  It is also not advantageous as a leader to cheer when someone’s best effort knocks all but one of the milk jugs down.

There are few ways to frustrate a good employee more than knocking them for not hitting the targets you had never established clearly or were not realistic to achieve.  It is tough to profit from the failures of your team.

True success comes from collaboration while setting goals that are clear, measurable, and achievable.  It is a good idea to discuss the outcome you envision.  It is a better idea to be open to the concept that you work with very talented people and the results that they come up with may be superior to what you had initially envisioned.  If not as a complete replacement for your plan than surely some components are worth additions. That’s why we hire bright people.

The approach of “my way or the highway” limits the creativity, flexibility, and the enthusiasm of your team.  If a task has specific points that must be addressed, than communicate them clearly, before your employee begins their assignment.  Encourage your employees to feel comfortable with coming to you and asking  if their project is on track.  Be willing to coach them and seize opportunities to acknowledge the positives in their work.  Good employees want to hit the mark.  Most people would love to win that crappy teddy bear and will haul it around with pride.


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