Gaining Respect

Respect is one of the first things that I would talk about to the managers that I trained.  Respect cannot be demanded it is earned.  Managers that listen effectively, are courteous and really believe that others matter, have a distinct advantage right out of the gate.

It is important to get to know the team members.   Many times the manager was surrounded by employees that had been there awhile.  They had seen a parade of managers go by.   Some managers were just there for the training program then relocated, or they would get promoted and other just did not make it.

New managers need to do their homework.  By this I mean, put the extra time in to become knowledgeable about the operation and your role in it as soon as possible.  The rest of the team can be helpful initially but a good a manager is expected to adapt quickly.

Look and act like a manager if you want respect from the team.  It is important to be professional in the way that you carry out your tasks.   It means being polite and friendly but does not mean allowing people to slack so you’re their buddy.  Respect will build as you establish yourself as a good manager.  The employees will appreciate the fact that you exceed the same performance standards that you expect of them.  Be consistent in your approach, your expectations and treatment of the crew.  The employees do not need a best friend.  They need the best manager.


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