High Performance Appraisals

The more frequent your performance appraisals are the more effective they will be.  Today’s business environments change quickly.  Why not take advantage of coaching and goal setting opportunities as frequently as possible.  When performance appraisals are conducted more frequently both the employee and the manager become more comfortable with the process. 

Performance appraisals are a system built on implementation, planning, feedback and ongoing communication.  Collaboration between both parties yields the best result when setting goals.  Both parties must sign off that the goals are realistic, measurable, and clearly understood.   The net product benefits both the organization and the team member.  Many employees will set the bar higher than the manager may have. 

Communication is the key.  It is important to give the employee plenty of notice; affective appraisals avoid surprising the employee.  The performance appraisal is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of your team members.  The performance appraisal should address: goal setting and planning, ongoing feedback and coaching, appraisal and rewards. 

The performance appraisal is an administrative document.  Giving a “false positive” to an employee that is a poor performer can come back to bite the employer.  If an employee has received glowing appraisals yet then is terminated for poor performance it will be tough for the employer to defend their actions in court. 

Both parties need to have confidence in the process for it to be effective.  The best performance appraisals are frequent with specific feedback supported by data not opinion.  It is important that the leadership of the organization strive to make the reviews accurate and useful.


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