Give Your Team a Great Start

Bad things happen in business when we assume.  By starting the day with a brief group meeting great things can be accomplished.  Communication helps the group stay on track.  It also enables opportunities to maintain relationships.

Getting together for a moment to start the day is good for the group.  It creates accountability among the group members to be on time.  It offers an opportunity to briefly discuss any new topics or clear up any questions that the group may have about the job that day. 

Communication is one of the most useful tools that a manager can implement to be proactive.  The time invested in communicating with the group can save time later.  When your team is better informed the manager may avoid having to clean up some mistakes down the road.  The team members can interact with each other more effectively when their roles and tasks are clearly defined for the day. 

A quick light hearted discussion to start the day can establish a winning tone in the group.  This group interacting promotes unity.  It provides an opportunity to acknowledge the accomplishments of team members and creates a venue to introduce daily goals.

I have found that launching the day as a group helps to get everyone out of the gate together and establishes that work has begun.  The team knows that I am ready to do my job by delegating, coaching and following up.  That intern signals that it is time for them to begin doing their jobs.


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