Why it is Important to Teach Others to Drive the Bus

Early in my career the managers that I considered to be my role models made their job seem almost effortless.  They consistently got others involved, delegated responsibilities and followed up to establish a formula for success.  These qualities rubbed off and I quickly began to implement them with my teams. 

The time that I invested  in my assistant managers development, paid huge dividends for them and myself.  This coaching took 20 to 30 minutes, several times per week.  We would focus on tasks beyond their current responsibilities such as scheduling, inventory, accounts payable.  By teaching them new duties the scope of their knowledge increase.  Their understanding and inclusion in daily operations expanded.  With proper supervision and follow-up opportunities for growth were created for everyone.   This allowed them to become a larger part of the success and vision of the group.

This process initially requires a contribution of valuable time.  Once thoroughly trained my managers could competently perform the tasks, which freed me up to complete many extra projects.  The key is supervision and follow-up.  By teaching others, teams developed that were better trained, more flexible, while opportunities for collaboration and communication were created. 

This investment allowed me time to pursue other goals.  By taking on new tasks the assistant managers can demonstrate their abilities.  That frequently qualified them for consideration as promotions opened up.  This environment of strength and unity caught the attention of the corporations leadership.  I was honored to be one of two Gm’s in the company certified as “fast-track GM trainer”.  I really enjoy coaching the development of  managers.  I find it to be one of the most rewarding responsibilities of team building.







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