Give Your Team the Tools They Need to Win

If you hope to lead a winning team it is vital that you provide the tools needed for success.  After many years of building teams I have returned to college as a full-time student.  I have a part-time job (two days a week) at a local restaurant to help with my expenses.

Until this blog I have resisted dipping into the wealth of examples of poor management that I witness each time I go to work.  Last weekend however I reached my tipping point (no pun intended).  Our new management has reworked the schedules to a level that leaves the restaurant understaffed in all areas.

I work the breakfast shift.  When I was hired 16 months ago we had two working toasters, but when one broke down recently it was simple removed.  The remaining toaster is on the way out producing a product that is burned on one side and un-toasted on the other.  The cooks have one waffle iron.  It takes 4 minutes to cook a waffle, and last weekend at one point they were 12 waffle orders behind.  I was sad to watch servers on 10 to 12 table stations line up for burnt toast and 45 minute waffles.

It’s clear that the simple tools required to do our jobs are not a priority to our new manager.  The net result is poor food quality, reduced speed of service and mounting frustration among the employees and guests.

Employees in tipped positions rely on the ability to provide excellent service for their livelihood.  This lack of management ability will eventually reduce the restaurant’s sales to a level they can handle.  The years of hard work that the previous manager invested are quickly being eroded. 

I prefer to take advantage of providing a winning environment by providing the tools that set my team up for success.  When the group has the proper equipment service, food quality, and sales improve easily offsetting the costs incurred.  As an experienced manager I have demonstrated that these are the actions that inspire people while promoting a healthy work environment and build winning teams.  #unrbrand


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