Why You Don’t Want to Throw a Live Hand Grenade Into Your Staff Meetings

Through the years I have seen managers use the hand grenade approach to their staff meetings.  I refer to the hand grenade approach when a wide range  of topics are spayed though the group without any definate direction.  The hand grenade approach is seldom effective.  This lack of focus makes follow up a challenge and those in the room usually duck for cover.

I truly recognize the benefit of properly timed and focused staff meetings.  The format that I have found that works best introduces just a few topics that are relevant, measurable, and can be followed up on.  Experience has taught me that the introduction of too many topics creates a meeting that is diluted.  The staff knows their manager, and if that leader does not consistently follow-up on the topics presented  the discussion is like water off a ducks back.

The topics should be relevant.  The facilitator should not have to sell the importance of the issues to his group.  A winning team has some very smart members and by keeping the focus of a meeting tight you will have time to capitalize on their imput and suggested solutions.  An experienced manager can make his group a part of the solution while keeping the discussion on topic.

The most important step required for a successful staff meeting is follow-up.  This creates some excellent opportunities to catch your staff doing it right.  The key to success is making sure the items introduced during your staff meetings stick going forward.  By introducing a focused and relevent agenda to qualified people and following up on the results the group will stay on track.   This process allows the vision and direction the leadership to be embraced by your team.


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