The Benefits of Promoting the Personal Growth of your Team Members

Last semester I had an assignment for a college class that required me to interview an entrepreneur.  Jan Holan the president of Skala Inc. was kind enough to share his valuable time and insight with me.  One of the many interesting points he made was the benefit his company yields by promoting the personal growth of his team members.

Jan stated that company expansion was key to his group’s success because it continued to create opportunities for the growth and development of  his employees.  Really great employees need room to grow.  By providing premium training, promotion potential, and valuable work experience team members remain enthusiastic.  Lack of opportunity in an organization can cause your superstars to look for opportunity else where.

Skala Inc. has a book club.  Those team members that wish to participate are sent a copy of that months book.  The books that have been selected address may aspects of personal growth such as mental, financial and physical development along with many other topics.  At the end of the month those who participated in the program get together and share their input.  This program opens a great channel for dialogue  and creates a shared focus on personal growth.  It’s just one of many ways Skala demonstrates the company’s commitment to its people. 

The companies I ran have given me a clear picture of the benefits gained by having happy and healthy  team members.  I share Jan’s sincere belief in encouraging team members to grow and develop in as many areas as possible.  That attitude demonstrates that the group is truly cared about.  Just telling your employees you care just doesn’t cut it.  They will know by your daily actions if you care or if when you say you care the words are hollow.



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