Encouraging Your Customers to Be the Customer

It is always interesting to me when I run into customers that are very passive about what they want.  They seem to be testing the waters of what is permissible in our transaction. I say ” you’re the customer I encourage you to be the customer”.  Let me know what it is that you really want.  Then it becomes my job to find the best way to make that happen.  That does not mean I can give away the farm.  It just  offers an opportunity for the customer to be heard.  Once I have listened, then I will have an incite into a greater number of properly directed sales opportunities.  It is amazing what you can learn if you really listen to your customers.

Happy customers are a key component to building a winning team.  They are  the best marketing people in the business.  Satisfied customers provide revenue growth.  I have even had them help recruit qualified employees.  Ever good business person understands the value of positive word of mouth advertising.  A solid customer base will promote a healthy work environment for your employees.  Nobody likes to face a parade of dissatisfied clients.   Repeat customers offer your team job security and opportunities for growth. 

Communication is the key to customer service.  Listen to your clients and be diligent about satisfying their needs.  Make sure to follow-up and invest time in the maintenance required to build positive relationships.  That relationship will create a loyal customer base and help to keep your competitors at bay.  Customer satisfaction creates an excellent return on investment.  Many companies invest in continually chasing new customers rather than investing in those they already have.


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