Establishing a Solid Core Group

During the time that I owned my construction company I worked with some great employees.  By developing a core set of values and surrounding myself with others that embraced those concepts, a winning team emerged.  Because I had established a tight group of employees most of my new hires were refered by one of my current employees.  We had created a healthy environment and offered opportunities that new candidates were eager to be a part of.

As the number of employees grew I made a couple of specific investments in each new hire.  I took advantage of the experience gained by the huge number of employees that I had hired while I was in the restaurant industry.  A thorough interview allowed both the applicant and myself the opportunity to openly discuss the values and expectations we had of each other.  Once hired a probation period was always implemented. 

 I maintained an open dialogue with my group about how our new hire was fitting in to the company culture.  That feedback was shared with the new hire.  Their strengths were acknowledged and they were coached in any areas they may have found challenging.  Not all of the new hires were a good fit.  When that was determined for their benefit, and the group’s success I never balked at replacing them.  I’m glad that only occurred a couple of times.  The payoff was that the majority of the new hires quickly fit in and the integrity of the group’s culture was not interrupted.  I found this practice saved a lot of frustration and eliminated potential conflict while  promoting positive team growth.     



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