The Manager Sets the Tone

Winning leaders have a clear vision of the direction that their organization is headed.  The excitement, drive and loyalty that propels winning teams starts with the leadership.  The management sets the tone.  Show the group that consistently the standards expected of them are the very things that fueled your success.  My goal as a leader was always to portray my job as one that was awesome.  The most succesful employee I’ve worked with were those that thought my job was worth striving for.  As they were promoted so was I.  The environment created is dynamic.  It is a great networking opportunity in an organization when the management ranks become filled with individuals that you were able to inspire and develop into future leaders. 

 The alternative is the manager who is beaten down and crates an image that nobody in the right mind would want to emulate.  As an employee with unlimited potential why would you want to stick with a orgaization in which achievement is rewarded the title of sad sack.  I always explained to the managers I trained that attitude is contagious both up beat and  negative.  It is ridiculous to believe that employees will respect a manager that asks his crew to behave in a manner that is not deeply engrained in the leaderships values.

The weight of the world may a time fall heavy on the shoulders of a manager but wearing your problems on your sleeve is no solution.  The cure to most issues is not found while abandoning a positive environment in the work place.  The places I have worked were shared with some amazingly talented people.  Winning team members have dreams and goals that can flourish in a healthy setting.  The next great managers will excel when

their eyes are set on a job worth having.  I never had any insecurity of felt threatened by that kind of drive because it opened the path to my next promotion.  Promotions come quickly among a talented and driven group.


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