The Value of Team Building

The years that I spent managing companies has provided a multitude of lessons.  The goal of this blog is to facilitate an open dialogue about leadership and management development.  Managers impact the organization, employees, customers, vendors, and many other both directly and indirectly.  As a manager in the corporate world and as the owner of my own company I am well aware of the pressure that managers have to achieve financial goals and the other challenges that go along with the territory.  Many of the qualities that are attributed to super star managers  are not posted on the income statement.  The integrity, consistency, vision and communication skills are qualities that will inspire a group to win.  Having built winning teams in the restaurant and construction industries I have witnessed many winning  management attributes that transcend both fields and I believe they  would apply else where in the business world.   The leadership in a company must  buy into the value of team building for it to thrive.  At a time when the challenges of the current economic climate are driving huge cuts in most industries the quality and structure of a work force is more crucial than ever.  The development of a winning team provides the organization with increased productivity, a base for growth, and greater opportunity for collaboration among team members on projects.  The importance of hiring the right person, at the right price, at the right time can not be stressed enough.  Once hired communication is key.  A good hire has a lot to offer and they will be happiest if you find a way to properly direct that enthusiasm and recognize their accomplishments.  Time invested in recognizing your employees skills and goals will help create a road map for success and identify the strengths and identify the needs of your team.


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